Every lit­tle effort  counts when you are try­ing to lose weight. Aim to intro­duce exer­cise and healthy eat­ing habits in your daily rou­tine to lose weight grad­u­ally . The most effec­tive way to lose weight is to reduce your intake of calo­ries and increase the phys­i­cal activ­ity to burn the excess calories.

Here are five sim­ple slim­ming tips which can be incor­po­rated into your daily rou­tine to com­ple­ment your weight loss plan with Kou tea:

  1. Por­tion size — Use a smaller plate or even a child’s plate to rein in those expand­ing portion.
  2. Have a fist­ful of veg­eta­bles everyday.
  3. Do house work — iron­ing, vac­cum­ing and scrub­bing the pots all help to burn those calories
  4. Give your­self an oppor­tu­nity to walk — walk to the shop for your daily news­pa­per; park your car some dis­tance away from the office entrance or super­mar­ket entrance.
  5. Add herbs and spices to your food — they add flavour to the food and also encour­age you to take smaller mouth­fuls. Eat­ing slowly can make you feel fuller after a small intake of food.


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