It’s not at all unusual to give up on weight loss. I’ve been there and I was at my wits end — noth­ing worked! I kept on think­ing that there was some secret to los­ing weight which nobody wanted to share with me. Then grad­u­ally, I real­ized what I was doing — rather NOT doing. I was NOT tak­ing any notice of what I was being advised.

The advice related to con­sump­tion of calo­ries ver­sus expend­ing calories.

This is where Kou tea comes in  - Kou tea is a weight loss TOOL which boosts metab­o­lism, burns calo­ries and sup­presses appetite, all in a nat­ural way. 

The ben­e­fi­cial effects of Kou tea on dietary intake along with increase in phys­i­cal activ­ity will bring about the desired weight loss.

So, don’t quit!

Take heart, it is not that bad. I’m happy to tell you that after a long strug­gle I’ve taken and kept off 16 pounds. More impor­tantly, my weight is sta­ble, health superb and phys­i­cal shape great.

I tell you this sim­ply to illus­trate the fact that you should not give up on weight loss. YOU can lose weight with a lit­tle guid­ance and a lot of faith in your­self. The fact you are here means that you are deter­mined to become slim­mer, fit­ter and healthier.

First of all, relax. There is no fast, quick way to weight loss.      Real­ize that  small changes will make impact and take effect over time. The results will grad­u­ally become noticeable.

If we look at peo­ple who have been suc­cess­ful at weight loss and main­tain­ing that loss, a cou­ple of things are very appar­ent. Firstly, they have changed their mind­set with a “can do” atti­tude and sec­ondly, they are      deter­mined to con­tinue on their weight loss journey.

They’ve real­ized that they are mak­ing changes which will ben­e­fit them­selves and their fam­ily. They have devel­oped a pos­i­tive men­tal atti­tude and will­ing to change their ways to improve their health and well­be­ing.  For instance, they’re prac­tic­ing  por­tion con­trol, eat­ing at cer­tain times of the day — avoid­ing eat­ing late in the evening, not con­sum­ing too much alco­hol, not over indulging, and of course, tak­ing some form of exer­cise on a reg­u­lar basis.

Here’s how you start:

Eat fruits instead of cakes and choco­lates on at least 5 days out of 7 to make the difference.

Replace your reg­u­lar bev­er­ages with Kou tea. This will curb your appetite and boost your metab­o­lism so you burn more calories.

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Don’t over­com­pen­sate in your calo­rie intake after you have done your reg­u­lar exercise.

Always pre­pare a  gro­cery shop­ping list to refrain from buy­ing snacks and other junk foods.

Plan and pre­pare your meals in a timely man­ner so you don’t resort to ready made meals, which can be quite calorific and also costly.

Cut down on drink­ing alcohol.

Allo­cate at least an hour to your­self as “me time” for your exer­cise ses­sion. This will also help you relax afterwards.

Be mind­ful of all the actions you are tak­ing to lead a more health­ier lifestyle so you con­tinue on that path.

I’ve had many clients tell me that a change in their mind­set has helped them to make bet­ter choices about their health. All the small steps you take will even­tu­ally become part of your nor­mal rou­tine and you will begin to feel and see the dif­fer­ence in your body. There will be a pos­i­tive change in your lifestyle.

I firmly believe that a major fac­tor in most peo­ples frus­tra­tion with weight loss is that they haven’t been told the truth about exer­cise. You see, if you’re seri­ous about weight loss, then you have to get seri­ous about       exer­cise. Don’t think of exer­cise as a neg­a­tive and unpleas­ant chore. Mod­er­ate exer­cise is impor­tant to       main­tain good health.

It is not nec­es­sary to go the gym to exer­cise. Many peo­ple find that tak­ing up a group or class exer­cise moti­vates them instead of going to a gym on their own. Some of the more pop­u­lar form of group exer­cises are Nordic walk­ing, swim­ming, step-aerobics, yoga, zumba. If it’s some­thing you enjoy then you will not think of it as a chore but more as a fun activ­ity and you will be more inclined to make it a part of your reg­u­lar routine.

I’ve seen this work for many peo­ple — in fact, ini­tially major­ity of them hated doing any form of exer­cise, which was partly because they were too unfit to do any­thing. How­ever, they con­tin­ued to do their choice of exer­cise to what­ever level they could and grad­u­ally started to increase their activ­ity and also enjoy it.  It worked for them. It can work for you too.

Remain focused on your ulti­mate goal. Sim­ple steps on a daily basis even­tu­ally becomes nor­mal prac­tice, and more impor­tantly, you start to see and feel the difference.

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