Kou Tea Well­ness Blend is a unique blend of high­est qual­ity of Green tea, Oolong tea, Pu erh tea and White tea. The power of this green slim­ming tea lies in its high­est qual­ity of WHOLE leaves. No tea ‘dust’ “fillers” or lower qual­ity leaves are included which are NOT as pow­er­ful as whole leaves. This results in a green slim­ming tea which is of the best pos­si­ble qual­ity and most desired.

The whole tea leaves have anti-oxidative prop­er­ties which is so impor­tant for mop­ping up dam­age caus­ing free radicals.

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Green tea has been linked to remov­ing harm­ful free rad­i­cals, or tox­ins, from the body. This may help to pre­vent can­cer and heart dis­ease in some people.

Pu erh tea is very effec­tive at low­er­ing blood cho­les­terol lev­els while also work­ing to increase blood circulation.

Oolong tea, one of the four teas in Kou tea, is packed with nutri­tion, includ­ing Vit­a­mins A, B, C, E and K. Add to that the impor­tant nutri­ents of folic acid, man­ganese and cal­cium, and this tea is a great source of nutri­ents your body needs to fight out a vari­ety of ail­ments. You will not have to take addi­tional sup­ple­ments while you are slim­ming, as Kou tea will pro­vide your body with these vital supplements.

White tea extract have been shown in research study to inhibits the gen­er­a­tion of new fat cells — it stops the cre­ation of fat cells. Even bet­ter, it stim­u­lates fat mobi­liza­tion. This means it helps to elim­i­nate fat faster.

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Only Kou tea can be con­sid­ered suit­able for weight loss as it con­tains PREMIUM QUALITY WHOLE LEAVES.

The tea leaves of the above men­tioned four teas are  also rich in amino acid L-theanine ; this plays an impor­tant role in reg­u­lat­ing your appetite and mood. Clin­i­cal research shows that lev­els of sero­tonin are dra­mat­i­cally increased when L-threanine enters the body. It com­bats depres­sive feel­ings and reduces hunger, so unlike many peo­ple who when they are feel­ing down, choose to com­fort eat, you will not have those cravings.

Pre­vi­ous other stud­ies show that this nat­u­rally occur­ring chem­i­cal has also been shown to give an energy boost and restore your mood to a pos­i­tive happy one.

Los­ing weight is not an overnight mat­ter. It’s a grad­ual process and takes time. The sooner you start your weight loss jour­ney with Kou Tea, the sooner you will start to see your desired results.

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Kou tea  is eco­nom­i­cal as you can re-use the tea bag and make at least four cups of tea dur­ing the day. You will also save money which you may oth­er­wise spend on expen­sive and calo­rie laden drinks from a cof­fee shop.

Kou tea is a con­ve­nient weight loss aid as you can use tea bags at work, home and even when you go to visit your friends and family.

Kou tea can be incor­po­rated into your daily lifestyle with­out hav­ing to make any spe­cial arrange­ments or allo­cat­ing spe­cific time of day, unlike going to a gym. As you know, it’s all too com­mon for peo­ple to pay a hefty gym mem­ber­ship fee but make very min­i­mal use of it — if at all.

Kou tea has no known side effects, unlike chem­i­cal weight loss pills. The four teas in Kou tea have been con­sumed for cen­turies in the East­ern coun­tries and have been proven to be safe and they also offer numer­ous health ben­e­fits, when con­sumed regularly.

Well done to you — the fact you are read­ing this means that you are com­mit­ted to improv­ing your health. You have taken the first step which is always the dif­fi­cult one and now, with the help of Kou tea you can achieve your goal.