When you are diet­ing, it’s impor­tant that you eat foods that make you feel full on fewer calo­ries and to avoid binge eat­ing.  When you feel full,  you eat less, espe­cially in between meals. So, to help you to reduce your daily calo­rie intake, here are five best foods to help you  feel­ing fuller for longer and avoid hunger pangs.


Cereal such as por­ridge oats, wheat flakes and bran have a very low Glycemic Index (GI), mean­ing that the car­bo­hy­drate is released into your blood­stream slowly and there­fore will sus­tain your energy lev­els and help pre­vent those 11am hunger pangs.

Por­ridge is also a great full-up-feel food due to its con­sis­tency; it’s been found that wet­ter and creamier foods switch on sat­is­fac­tion sig­nals and so improve feel­ing of full­ness. Fur­ther­more, stud­ies show that a bowl of por­ridge can lower cho­les­terol. So all in, por­ridge makes the per­fect break­fast that will see you sat­is­fied to lunch.


Pop­corn is one of the pop­u­lar slim­mers choice when it comes to the best snack­ing options. First of, pop­corn has the ben­e­fit of being a whole­grain food which means it con­tains more fill­ing fibre than many other snack alter­na­tives. Sec­ondly it fills you up due to its vol­ume — a 25g (0.9oz) serv­ing of pop­corn will fill a much big­ger bowl com­pared the same weight in chips — plus there’s less fat too. Make sure you don’t go for the healthy option of plain, air-popped pop­corn sea­soned with a smidge of cayenne pep­per can give you a great fill-up snack fix.


Apples are a great food to keep hunger at bay due the fact that they are full of fibre. Stud­ies have  sug­gested that they can make a good pre-meal snack and eat­ing an apple 20 min­utes prior to a eat­ing a meal reduced the amount of food that was con­sumed at that meal. So, includ­ing an apple for your daily snack will not only con­tribute to one of your daily rec­om­mended fruit or veg­gie por­tions (you should be aim­ing for at least five a day) but the fibre will fill up your stom­ach and should keep those hunger pangs at bay.


Oranges are another super fruit when it comes to the sati­ety index and are almost twice as fill­ing as bananas for the same amount of calo­ries. This is thought to be down to the fluid con­tent which plays a big part when it comes to mak­ing you feel full.Oranges are 86% water, and research shows that foods with high water con­tent help to improve our sati­ety because it increases the por­tion size with­out adding calo­ries. Choose a whole orange rather than orange juice; it con­tains more fibre which also helps achieve that ‘I’m full’ feeling.


Start­ing a meal with a hearty soup is a great fill-up strat­egy and there’s plenty of good research that sug­gests eat­ing soup before a meal improves sati­ety, so you eat less and take in fewer calo­ries as a result.You need to be care­ful on your soup selec­tion though, best case sce­nario is a home­made soup so you have con­trol over the ingre­di­ents and you can even include other stop-hunger foods to the soup as well (for exam­ple pota­toes, lentils or beans). If you do need to go for a pre­made soup of the packet or canned vari­ety, make sure you check out the nutri­tional infor­ma­tion — par­tic­u­larly quan­ti­ties of salt, calo­ries and fat.


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