Food to avoid when dietingIt is dif­fi­cult to keep hunger pangs at bay, espe­cially when on a weight loss diet. For­tu­nately, we can learn to avoid the foods that tend to cause the
great­est amount of hunger and stay away from them.

These are the top foods that cause hunger so you can avoid them:

White Rice
The rea­son why rice should be avoided is because after eat­ing it, you’re going to get a large blood sugar spike, which is then fol­lowed by a sharp decline as insulin is released and comes and sucks all that glu­cose out of the blood.

As your blood sugar lev­els crash, this sets off the hunger sig­nal in the brain that’s going to prompt you to con­sume more food.

Sug­ary Cere­als
Remem­ber, always read the pack­age label when pur­chas­ing any cereal that you plan to eat on your weight loss diet.

Cere­als are often thought of as a healthy choice but it depends on how much sugar is in it, so always read the label before you buy. Ide­ally, choose a cereal that con­tains no added sugar such as oat­meal or bran cereal. If you must add a sweet­ener, use honey instead of sugar. This will be far bet­ter in help­ing boost your weight loss plan.

Snack Bars
These are a real prob­lem and the big issue here is that these tend to be very low in total pro­tein and often very high in fat and sugar con­tent. This results in that blood sugar spike that we talked about pre­vi­ously and will cause you to quickly expe­ri­ence an energy low.

As your energy level comes crash­ing down, you’ll want to reach for more food to help bring it back up. This cycle can cause you to take in very high amounts of calo­ries daily, mov­ing you fur­ther away from fat loss.

This is one of the worst foods as far as hunger is con­cerned. While you may feel like this gives you a good energy burst and quickly fills you up, that’s just the sugar high talking.

Sweets made from pure sugar are even worse for you from a diet per­spec­tive than snack foods that con­tain fat, because at least with the addi­tion of fat you won’t see quite the rise in blood sugar lev­els. So, avoid sweets at all costs.

So there you have the main foods to avoid if you want to con­trol your hunger lev­els and suc­ceed at your fat loss diet. Tak­ing an appetite sup­pres­sant such as Kou Tea, which is 100% nat­ural, will also go a long way towards get­ting your hunger under con­trol so that you aren’t suf­fer­ing from food crav­ings through­out the day.



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