It couldn’t be any sim­pler — to slim with Kou tea, all you need is a Kou Tea bag, tea pot, water and a cup.

Kou tea can be drank any time of the day.

Ide­ally, you should aim to drink at least 4 cups of Kou tea a day and this can be achieved by replac­ing your reg­u­lar bev­er­ages dur­ing the day with Kou tea.

Remem­ber, you get up to 4 cups of tea with Kou tea bag, so it’s a very             eco­nom­i­cal and con­ve­nient way to kick start your weight loss plan.

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How to Make Kou Well­ness and Weight Loss Tea?

Take a tea bag con­tain­ing 2g of Kou tea.

Boil water in a kettle.

Pour the boiled water in a mug.

Allow the water to cool slightly to 75 to 80 degrees celcius.

Place the Kou tea bag in the water to steep for 3–4 min­utes, until the colour of the tea is golden brownish.

Remove the tea bag and save it to re-use it later.

The tea is now ready for drinking.

Save the tea bag. Fur­ther infu­sions of the tea bag releases dif­fer­ent tea oils and anti-oxidants, lead­ing to an even bet­ter tast­ing tea. 

Each pack con­tains 60 tea bags.

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