Kou Tea, which was devel­oped by a sci­en­tist and blended to an exact for­mu­lae, has won an army of fans and any­one who feels the claims are too good to be true just needs to take a look at cus­tomer reviews of Kou Tea to know it works.

In order to raise aware­ness of the prod­uct, Kou Tea has announced a fan­tas­tic offer that allows buy­ers to buy 3 packs and get 1 pack FREE,

sav­ing a mas­sive $34.95.

Fur­ther­more, Kou Tea has also launched a ded­i­cated shop­ping cart for accept­ing pay­ment in Amer­i­can dol­lars, Euros or British pounds, thus mak­ing it more con­ve­nient for their many new and exist­ing customers.

The spokesper­son for Kou Tea said “The rea­son behind these offers is sim­ple – many peo­ple who are bat­tling to lose weight are look­ing for 100% nat­ural prod­uct which works and that can be incor­po­rated eas­ily into their daily sched­ule. Kou Tea can offer them that real solu­tion. It gives results, which is why we’ve decided to make the prod­uct widely available.”

  The ingre­di­ents in KouTea can help you to get a fresh start on your busy day with plenty of energy.

   Drink­ing KouTea in the morn­ing will give you energy and boost your metab­o­lism. That way, your body is burn­ing through stored fat eas­ily and all day long.

 Drink KouTea just before your meals, espe­cially if you are plan­ning to eat carbs. That way, it acti­vates your cells and helps to reduce the insulin spike that hap­pens after you eat. It also pre­vents your body from stor­ing those carbs as fats.

 Drink KouTea in the evening when you need a way to boost your energy. It can help you to keep your metab­o­lism going.

 Many peo­ple enjoy KouTea in the early evening, too. It works to help your body to acti­vate sero­tonin and dopamine to cre­ate a good, calm feel­ing in the body. It can help with weight loss by increas­ing metab­o­lism, sup­press­ing the appetite and improv­ing the body’s abil­ity to burn fat.

 We sug­gest that it’s pos­si­ble to lose up to 5lbs per week using Kou Tea and we want those peo­ple who are strug­gling with their weight, to give it a go.”

You are advised to take advan­tage of this fan­tas­tic dis­count offer while it lasts — it may be taken down any time so don’t wait any longer.  Buy it now and start your weight loss plan, the right way.