Kou Tea, 4-in-1 slim­ming tea is a blend of White, Oolong, Pu erh and Green tea and is the newest and by far the most impres­sive bev­er­age, as a slim­ming aid.

Make Kou Tea a part of your lifestyle and you will begin to notice the changes for yourself.

Kou Tea for slim­ming is more like a med­i­cine with its pow­er­ful fat burn­ing        abil­i­ties. There is suf­fi­cient evi­dence to sug­gest that peo­ple who reg­u­larly drink Kou Tea burn up to twice as many calo­ries than if they were to drink reg­u­lar Green tea. Oolong tea which is one of the blend in Kou tea speeds by the weight loss process by burn­ing (it is under­stood) over 157% more fat than Green tea alone.

The man­u­fac­tur­ers of this slim­ming tea claim that you can achieve a weight loss of up to 5 pounds a week — that could be UP TO 20 POUNDS A MONTH  if you reg­u­larly drink at the very least 2 cups daily.  Those with high fat diets ben­e­fit the most as Kou Tea pos­sesses great fat burn­ing qual­i­ties and helps to reg­u­late metabolism.

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Start your weight loss plan NOW with Kou Tea …

 No more wast­ing money on Gym mem­ber­ship fees which you don’t use.

 No more feed­ing your­self syn­thetic chem­i­cals in form of tablets and pow­ders, which have numer­ous side effects.

 No more starv­ing your­self and hav­ing a totally unhealthy diet regime.

Kou Tea con­tains vit­a­mins and min­er­als which are essen­tial for proper func­tion­ing of cer­tain enzy­matic and meta­bolic processes. Green tea is known to remove free rad­i­cals, or tox­ins from the body. This may help to pre­vent cer­tain can­cers and heart dis­ease in some cases.

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Kou tea:

     Speeds up metabolism

       Low­ers blood cho­les­terol level

     Reduces stress levels

     Con­trols appetite

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  1. With Kou tea, you will burn more calo­ries faster than with any other type of tea blend.
  2. Just drink a cup of Kou tea 15 min­utes before con­sum­ing  car­bo­hy­drates so that it can work to help you to digest  car­bo­hy­drates prop­erly instead of allow­ing them add on the pounds.
  3. The amino acid L-theanine, found in Kou tea can help you to calm your mind and body.  This can help you to sleep bet­ter, fight stress and feel more energetic.
  4. Kou tea helps to remove free rad­i­cals from your body’s cells. By remov­ing these tox­ins, the skin cells plump up due to hydra­tion and make you look and feel younger.
  5. Con­sum­ing this tea daily can help you to lower your risk of  infec­tions and develop a stronger immune system.
  6. Stud­ies show that the ingre­di­ents in Kou tea help pre­vent tooth decay.

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