These help­ful tips and tricks are effort­less and should help you reduce the calo­ries and shed those excess pounds if you fol­low them regularly…


  1. Eat break­fast. Research says you’ll eat at least 100 fewer calo­ries over the course of the day.
  2. Have a 30g bowl of cereal, instead of 60g (or some­times even more). Use a smaller bowl and you won’t see the difference.
  3. Use skimmed milk instead of full-fat milk.
  4. Have two tea­spoons of fruit jam instead of four tea­spoons of but­ter on your morn­ing toast.
  5. Swap your morn­ing crois­sant and but­ter for 2 toasted crum­pets with Marmite.


  1. Replace 30g of ched­dar cheese in your sand­wich with a table­spoon of low-fat cheese spread.
  2. For sal­ads, use lemon juice or bal­samic dress­ing  which is vir­tu­ally fat-free.
  3. Swap a can of tuna in oil for tuna in water.
  4. Instead of hav­ing a super-sized packet of crisps go for a stan­dard one or low fat baked crisps.
  5. Choose Jacket potato with baked beans instead of chilli.


  1. Swap three choco­late diges­tives for three Jaffa cakes.
  2. Make your own pop­corn with­out butter.
  3. Have 4 tbsp salsa instead of 4tbsp houmous.
  4. Eat an apple instead of 6 squares of milk chocolate.
  5. Instead of choco­late, go for Jelly Babies.


  1. Leave out chicken skin.
  2. Por­to­bello mush­rooms make a tasty sub­sti­tute instead of a meat burger — just one will do per person.
  3. Replace creamy sauces with tomato-based ones instead.
  4. Add lemon juice and fresh herbs to steamed veg instead of butter.
  5. Try lentil bolog­nese for a lighter choice, rather than the meat vari­ety. This will save you around 250 calo­ries per serving.


  1. Swap three scoops of ice­cream for sorbet.
  2. Have a baked apple with sul­tanas instead of apple crumble.
  3. Replace 2tbsp of clot­ted cream with sin­gle cream.
  4. Have a bowl of fruit salad instead of a bowl of trifle.
  5. Swap reg­u­lar jelly for sugar-free jelly.


  1.  Instead of a medium por­tion of chips go for small one.
  2. Swap potato side dishes for steamed spinach or carrots.
  3. Swap a Big Mac for a smaller cheeseburger.
  4. Choose thin slice pizza instead of thick or cheese-stuffed.
  5. Swap chicken and sweet­corn soup for hot and sour soup.


  1. Have Kou tea, instead of hot chocolate.
  2. Instead of fizzy drinks have sparkling or still water with lemon.
  3. Swap your cap­puc­cino for an espresso.
  4. Use a small (around 150ml) wine glass instead of a large one (around 300ml).
  5. Have sugar free soft drinks.


  1. Eat slowly and always eat at the table.
  2. Use non-stick pans — elim­i­nat­ing oil and but­ter is an easy way to cut 100 calories.
  3. Don’t go gro­cery shop­ping on an empty stomach.
  4. Get enough sleep. Research shows get­ting seven hours each night helps con­trol food crav­ing hormones.
  5. Use smaller bowls and plates so a full plate has less food.

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